Episode 6

Published on:

24th Nov 2021

S1 Ep6 | Designing & Implementing an Effective Risk Process with Darren Mullan

In Episode 6 of riskologists, our host, Patrick Bradshaw, is joined by Darren Mullan, where they will discuss how to design and implement an effective risk process. This includes:

  • The difference between a risk process and a risk framework
  • Advice in selecting the right process or framework
  • How the risk process changes in terms of focus, resources and/ or capability
  • Key points to consider when developing/ implementing a risk process
  • How the role of the risk professional can change


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About the Podcast

Risk Management: Made Simple
optimise are thrilled to host the riskologists podcast, where we will be speaking with some of risk management’s most respected and esteemed thought leaders from across the UK and beyond.

Throughout the opening series of riskologists, we will be chatting intimately with our distinguished guests to firstly understand how their journey into risk management began, as well as delving into their unique insights and invaluable first hand experiences, around some of the industry’s most pressing topics.

Our goal is to create a platform in which ideas and thoughts can be shared, in order to inspire and educate our audience and to ultimately give back to the risk management community.

About your host

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Patrick Bradshaw

I joined optimise as a Trainee ERM Practitioner in November 2020, and being very honest, prior to the interview process I had little to no idea what Risk Management was! However, as they say, the rest is history.

Throughout my early tenure in Risk Management, I investigated every possible avenue to help supplement my learning, which included exploring podcasts…

It was at this point, that I realised optimise had a real opportunity to offer something to the community that hadn’t been readily available a great deal up to this point.

I am incredibly passionate not only about constantly developing myself personally and professionally, which interviewing our fantastic guests offers, but also playing my part in improving the profession and leaving it in a better place for the next generation.